Irvine Welsh – The Rosewell Incident

Irvine Welsh The Rosewell Incident

A new old book – Welsh’s novella The Rosewell Incident, previously published in the anthology Reheated Cabbage, has just been released as part of the StoryCuts series, Random House’s selection of 250 short story selections that are released as ebooks only. The Rosewell Incident’s synopsis reads “Cigarette-addicted aliens have Midlothian under surveillance. A jaded police constable, a pregnant teenager with a UFO obsession and a gang of youths bent on a violent scam are shaken up when a caravan of travellers arrives in Rosewell, and the local mechanic’s long-lost brother turns up in some peculiar company.”

Another ShortCuts is Welsh’s I Am Miami, also taken from Reheated Cabbage. “In the tropics of Miami, retired Scottish schoolteacher Albert Black mourns his wife of forty-one years. His grief and inability to connect with his son’s Americanised family combine to undermine the Christian ethos that has governed his life. Dejected, he summons a final rallying of his principles and seeks out a confrontation with a former pupil.”