Irvine Welsh TV Series: Wedding Belles

From The Herald:

Irvine Welsh, the author of Trainspotting, is to make a move into television with a new series based around four drug addicts in Edinburgh.
Wedding Belles, written by Welsh, is to be produced for Channel Four. It is based around the lives of four women in Edinburgh who are addicted to drugs, “but not in a Trainspotting kind of way”, said a source close to the project.

It follows four female friends who have known each other since childhood and their escapades over one weekend.

One of the actresses in the show, playing a character called Rhona, is Shauna Macdonald, who currently appears in the series Spooks. She said: “Irvine Welsh has written the show and it’s quite like Trainspotting, but not as dark and really funny. Rhona is a crack-cocaine-smoking ex-model.”

The series is expected to begin shooting in Edinburgh this year, and Channel Four are to release more details next week.

There’s a similar news piece in The Scotsman as well, which claims Wedding Belles is based on Trainspotting – surely that’s not right?